Certified Spanish teacher and founder of Kids Talk Spanish.


Kids Talk Spanish  is made up of a mix of a passion and life experience  that in 2018 got connected.  

The passion for sharing my language  was mixed with the experience of living in many countries like China, Thailand, the Middle East, Mexico and Russia.

Welcome to Kids Talk Spanish!


"Living abroad gave me the opportunity to explore new languages and fascinating cultures.

Now it is a pleasure to introduce mine”


Certified Spanish Teacher

Master Degree in Teaching Spanish and English as a Foreign Language.
University Degree in Human Resources &Training.


More than 8 years of teaching experience in Asia and the Middle East.
Training and Professional Development expertise.


More than 20 nationalities sharing the passion of the Spanish language, culture and values.

About me

Spain is my home country but Mexico and Argentina too! Wonderful places with an incredible heritage and culture.

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