Kids Talk Spanish  is made up of a mix of a passion and life experience  that in 2018 got connected. 

The passion for sharing my native language  was mixed with the experience of living in many countries like China, Thailand, Laos, the Middle East, Mexico, Russia and the Balkans. 

 “Travelling gave me the opportunity to explore  new languages and  fascinating cultures. Now it is a pleasure to introduce mine”.

Bibiana Fuentes

Teacher & Founder

The heart of the academy

We work in coordination to offer the best learning process to our students.


We are native and qualified teachers with an Education & Language Bachelor's Degree and Master in Spanish.


Experience in certifications such as DELE for Escolars and IB Spanish exams (International Baccalaureate).

Multicultural experts

We have extensive experience with Asian, English-speaking and bilingual students.

Love and caring

We know how to create a magical connection with students. Parents can feel confidence leaving their child in good hands.

Spanish in the world

This is a unique program where the student will improve the language having contact with different accents of the Spanish language.


International experience teaching both face-to-face and online.


Expert in Chinese,
American students and exam preparation..

Expert in Asian,
European students and exam preparation..

Expert in Asian,
European students
and exam preparation.

"Our Mission is to empower the young generation through the learning of the Spanish language, culture and values"

Bibiana Fuentes
Teacher & Founder
Kids Talk Spanish


¡Viva México!



I have been a language teacher since 2013 and my specialization in Mandarin speakers made me live and work in China as a Spanish and English teacher.

Back in Mexico, I decided to be a Spanish online teacher and become an expert in teaching online to children and teenagers from 3 to 18 years old. The majority of my students are Asians and Americans but I have worked with other nationalities as well. I am looking forward to accompanying your child on this beautiful journey! 

¡Hasta pronto! (see you soon!)

From Barcelona


¿Qué tal?

The experience of living and working in Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans helped me to create an effective learning system, adapted to the demands of the new generations and respectful of each country’s culture. 

I have family in Argentina and many friends in Mexico. We speak the same language but have different ways of speaking and customs. That is why in our academy we give a lot of importance to learning Spanish as a multicultural language.

Our mission is to help your child to communicate effectively in Spanish wherever he/she goes. 

¡Hasta pronto! (see you soon!)

Venezuela querida



I started teaching more than 18 years ago, helping children learn Spanish and English. I became an online teacher for children and teenagers from 3 to 18 years old and an expert in preparation for exams such as the DELE and the IB program.

I am from Venezuela but Valencia (Spain) is my home. It will be a pleasure to accompany your child in the process of learning my native language.

¡Hasta pronto! (see you soon!)