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This is Kids Talk Spanish



Kids Talk Spanish has three main pillars of learning:

  • We follow the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR) that is the European reference for learning a language. It gives us a guide about what a learner can do in reading, listening, speaking and writing. 
  • Learning a language is more than words, evolves the knowledge of the culture and traditions. We include culture sections to show students the Hispanic culture essence.

Classes are in Spanish. It can be a punctual use of English  (and basic words in Chinese) if needed. Communication with parents, trial class and feedback will be in English.

We have established three different programs according the cognitive learning of the student

Each program has specific resources and are adapted to the specific needs of each student. 


Parents are invited to be around and see how the child is doing and feeling. After a session, parents will receive a document with information about the topic learned, words used and some suggestions to practice Spanish during the following days (optional).

We recommend to take at least two classes per week to see faster progress.


 As you know, our classes are online. The videoconference programs that we normally use are very easy to access and free: Zoom, Skype or Zhumu are some of them.

Every class is different and tailored to the interests, age and ability of the student.  Our digital resources are created by professional educators. 

Classes are schedule in advance. Students will receive an email confirmation and a remainder one hour before the class.

  1. Contact us (email, WhatsApp, WeChat or Line). 
  2. Trial class.
  3. Choose your package and make the payment.
  4. Schedule your classes.

It can happen to all of us. First of all, the student must notify by a message (Whatsapp, WeChat, Line,  or email) that is  late. Once the class begins, the time remaining will be calculated. That is, if the student arrives 10 minutes late and the class is 40 minute long, 30 minutes of class will be taught.

If the student wants to cancel or reschedule a session please contact us up to 24 hours in advance with no charge. The student doesn’t lose one class and the teacher can organize her agenda. It’s a win-win. Remember: within 24 hours regular fees will apply since the teacher has booked that time for the student.

Please, let the teacher know if the student will not be able to attend the class, even if it is 1 hour before.

If the student has not notified 24 hours in advance, the class will be considered done.

While rare, occasionally we have to cancel a session. The teacher would let the student know immediately and he/she would offer to reschedule the class.

All packages expire within 6 months after the payment start day. Don’t worry because it’s enough time to finish your classes.


We provide a secure and reliable payment processing service. After the trial class we will send you all information needed. We accept all major international credit and debit cards. Payoneer is also available

Sure! Just let us know and we will send it to you. If you require an invoice for your company, we will need to know their details (company name, VAT number and address) in advance.

Safety and Privacy

This is the idea. The goal is that the student is at all times aware of their own process and pace of learning and that they gain confidence in themselves little by little. However, good communication and cooperation between parents and the teacher is necessary in order to provide the child with all the resources and materials required in class (computer, camera, microphone, worksheets and resources for activities). With organization, everything is easier.

As a parent it is essential to know who is behind the screen to make sure the positive impact on the student. I completely agree. Through this website, we pretend you to know us a little more and feel full confidence in leaving your child in good hands. For more  parental control, Kids Talk Spanish puts at parent’s disposal the copy of the academic certificates and the certificate of non-criminal record of its creator and teacher, Bibiana Fuentes Mendez.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Just drop a line anytime and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

This is a safe and reliable space, the privacy and personal data of the users is respected. Kids Talk Spanish never request personal information unless it is really necessary to provide with the services that is required. Kids Talk Spanish never shares personal information about the users with anyone, except there is an express authorisation.

Any disrespectful attitude or inappropriate behaviour will be reported to parents and/or authorities if appropriate. The situation will imply the cancellation of more classes without any refund.

"Our Mission is to empower the young generation through the learning of the Spanish language, culture and values"

Bibiana Fuentes
Teacher & Founder
Kids Talk Spanish